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Sands from Kerkosand are offered as wet or dried sands. The moisture content of wet sands is up to 8%, of dried sands up to 0.2%. Wet sands are bulk loaded on lorries.

Dried sands are available as bulk loads or packed in paper sacks of 50kg each, 20 sacks per Europallet, stretch foil wrapped. Dried sands are also available in 800kg semibulk containers.

Transport can be arranged by rail or road. Dried sands can also be delivered by bulk tankers of our forwarding subsidiary company Progrew.

Deliveries follow receipt of written order, preferably by email. The order should specify the required grade of sand, packaging, delivery date, method of transport and payment terms. Despatch follows confirmation of your order and payment terms.

Loading time:

      Monday to Friday:    06:00 - 19:00


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