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Quartz powder

Milled quartz is produced by Kerkosand spol. s r. o. and by our subsidiary company Minorit, s.r.o. in Teplice and as well as by Quarzwerke GmbH. Quarzwerke GmbH produces milled quartz since 1924.

Their production today is concentrated in plants situated in Frechen, Haltern and Weferlingen. Milled quartz is produced there in seven continuously operating mills. The program contains milled quartz MILLISIL up to W 12 and fine milled products SIKRONE up to SF 800. The dosage and separator adjustment determines grain size of produced milled quartz. Final products are stored in storage bins, where they are protected against moisture and from where they can be delivered in bulk or packed. Storage bins with the total capacity of 4400 tons are available in Frechen, Haltern and Weferlingen.

At control screens specified for particular grain sizes, the production of milled quartz MILLISIL is checked every hour using the screening analysis with the air flow screen Alpine. Inspection of the ultra-fine grained milled quartz SIKRON is made by the help of a laser technology.


Key applications for Quartz powder:

• fibre glass
• ceramics
• fondries
• construction materials
• Filler - High Performance Filler

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